Linda Wolfe BatemanLinda is a moderate Republican candidate running for the 194th District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  A widow and mother of five children, she was born in Philadelphia in 1952, graduated from a small urban Roman Catholic private school.  Her lifelong devotion to the Republican in Philadelphia as a moderate and “New Century” Republican has led her to sound understanding of the word “representation”

Like other districts, the 194th is unique and as a candidate, she strongly believes that “representation” involves communication with those constituents residing within the 194th to truly represent their concerns and hopes for for better representation on their behalf in Harrisburg.  this goal can only be brought about by direct contact with them.

If elected this November 6th, Linda plans to be an active member of the Pennsylvania Legislature.  Such activity involves the writing of necessary Bills to improve the life of her constituency and to the benefit of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Linda is a strong advocate for our children.  “Until we improve our efforts on their behalf in all phases of their short childhood, we as a society cannot advance.”

As an advocate for Small Business, she will work for their development and simplify the forms and rules that impede their ability to prosper.

Linda, a retired supervisor with a ten-year track record with the Commonwealth’s Inheritance Tax Division, left that office to run for the Philadelphia County Register of Wills.  Her vast experience has given her the ability to know where the money is that is not being collected.  As a State Representative, she will bring both public and governmental attention to bear on this vital problem and offer a very obtainable solution to hiring more collectors, support clerks, and agents to adequately bring the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue back to the functional organization it once was.


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